Aliens Invading our Life

It was in the middle of night,

When I was sleeping very tight.

A dream that made me shiver with fright,

Troops of  aliens had invaded our campsite.

Riding on U.F.Os aliens arrived,

To find how humans could survive.

But with troops ready to fight,

Should they suspect any might ?

There came a man running around,

In search of a creature; rare to be found.

With deadly weapons one couldn’t even think,

But a laser torch that didn’t blink.

And then he ran into an alien,

But the alien looked like a chameleon.

The alien looked messy in greasy green,

Even while sleeping, Aloud I screamed.

It was a terrifying sight,

Anyone who saw would have gone white.

The firing aliens started! OMG !

Was not at all a sight of glee.

Then all of a sudden , I woke up,

I caught my breath; It was speeding up.

The shock for me was extreme,

Relieved! It was just a dream.

।। सुरज से गप्पें ।।

जिनको पूजते सब नर – नारी ,

बनाए हर दिन को महान ,

सुर्य देव आपको प्रणाम।।

परंतु कुछ बातें कभी हमें भी समझो ,

कभी आप भी राजा बन कर आओ ।

आप हो तो काफी छोटे ,

पर गरमी बहुत हो देते ।।

कभी हमपर भी रहम करो,

गरमी थोड़ा सा कम करो ।

निंद्रा के समय आपके सबसे अलग ,

हमे इतनी जल्दी मत उठाया करो ।।

रात को क्या आपकी

डयूटी खत्म हो जाती है ।

आप के पास कोई सहचर नहीं

रोज़ एक काम कर आप थकते नहीं ।।

जल्दी से बतलाइये गा

तभी चैन से घर जाइये गा ।

जिन को पूजते सब नर – नारी ,

और बनाए हर दिन को महान . . . . . . . . .

।। नाम बताओ तो जाने ।।

एक नन्ही सी प्यारी चिड़िया,

रोज़ मेरे आँगन में आती है ।

सबका मन ट्टोल कर,

अपने घर लोट जाती है।।

आँख व चोच है काली – काली ,

दिल्ली की है यह राजपक्षी ।

पंख उसके है कोमल से,

कद में है यह चोटी।।

अगर मानते हो अपने आप को बुद्धिमान,

तथा सर्वश्रेष्ठ ज्ञानी।

तो इस पक्षी का नाम बताओ,

जो हर घर में है आती – जाती ।।

।। अच्छी आदतें ।।

देखो देखो मीलो ओर,

नाच रहा हे एक मोर।।

उसके रंग-बिरंगे सुंदर पंख,

जिसको देख सब रह जाते दंग।।

पंख है लाल, हरे, नीले और पीले,

रहो तुम खुलकर सबसे मिलते।

खुशीयालि के रंग तुम फेलाओ,

संत – स्वभाव तुम अपनाओ।।

साथ मिलकर काम करो,

बड़े मिले तो नमसते कहो।

सबकी सेवा प्यार से करो,

यूही जीवन न्योछावर करो।।

हीरे जैसा जीवन मिलता एक बार,

इसलिए मत करो किसी पर वार।

इसलिए कहते अच्छी आदतें तुम अपनाओ,

सदा खुशी और रहेमत पाओ।।

BFF – Best Friends Forever

Best friends have a pure heart,

And make you feel very special.

They are the best in every art,

Like the rainbow formed by a crystal.

They are alway with you,

And do good.

They are there to correct you,

And give you a funny mood.

They are the golden wings,

With whom you love to fly.

Memorable things they always bring,

Whether to take them from the sky

They share every thing they have,

Even when they don’t want to.

If you have a Best friend,

Make them Best Friend Forever too ! !


Angels are with white wings,

As they come down, it rings.

Beautiful gifts they bring,

As good habits and beautiful things.

Angels wear a white gown,

Wearing it they roam in your town.

There face is always lilted up,

So they never frown.

Angels wear a halo,

Which shines bold

I wish to be an angel

to make this world as pure as gold

Broken Friendship

Someday we were best friends,

And thought our friendship never ends.

But just because of one big fight,

We never knew what was right.

We shared our things,

We shared our toys.

But we never knew,

That it gave us the real joy.

As I think of those days,

It makes me very sad.

So I write this poem,

So that we will never ever be bad,

Why ?

Why is the grass so green?

In the lawn of queen

Is it natural?

Or a painted scene

Why is water

Without any colour and taste

Where does the sun go

After setting in the west?

Why does a calendar

Shows only the date?

Why can’t it show

Time and weight?

Why can’t we write?

On the air

How can some plants grow

Without much of care?

Why do crackers

Burn and smoke?

How can a safety pin

Be poked?

Why are shoes

Only for leg?

Why is the occupation of beggars

Only to beg?

Why is money

So important for us?

Can’t children also

Drive a bus?

How do we solve

Rubric’s cube?

Can we put a whale

Inside a tube?

How come the clouds

Hang up in the sky?

Why can’t the human beings

Also fly?

These are the thoughts,

Which crisscross my mind.

I reach out to one and all,

With request to find.


Door, oh, you big door,

Please let me go.

Please don’t get locked,

I don’t like my way being blocked

I like the way you open your arms

To welcome friends and foes

Your varied design and colours fascinate me,

Whether they are pink or rose

Sometimes I get very angry

Especially when my fingers get hurt

But to me you are fabulous

And I agree you are a must.

I Love My Nature

I love my nature

I love green trees

I love beautiful flowers

It makes me glee

 I love spring water

Cold and clean

I love the blue sky

With dark clouds indeed

 I love the colourful birds

Chirping high in the sky

I love the coloured kites

As they rise high in the sky